Reuter GmbH & Co. KG

Electrochemical cleaning with carbon fibres - who invented this? Correct, Reuter!

We have been producing this innovative solution at our site in Erkrath since 2012.


The SuperCleanox device series was developed for tough industrial applications and

has proven its worth among major customers during multiple-shift operations for

many years. Capability and reliability were the top priorities during the development

phase. The devices were designed for a 100% duty cycle; they reach peak currents of

up to 400 A during cleaning and polishing - and thus establish the highest performance

level in the market.

Compact & Light, reliable and powerful: These are the characteristics of our new

Cleanox device series. It was made for metal construction companies that want to use

their cleaning devices in a flexible manner - either in the workshop or on a construction


We have also invented the sliding sleeves made of Teflon. Numerous design and other

patents secure our advantage over competitors.